Whether its stand-alone warehousing service or combining it with other services to serve your needs, Plumville can provide a totally integrated solution. You can count on our services team to handle your problems as well as your products.

The scope of our service is commonly classified in the area of the inventory management, warehousing, transport, and logistics. Our services help our clients understand their current issues and ensure cost-effective warehousing services with benchmarked customer service levels.

We help clients move or consolidate current facilities and operations. We can manage your warehouse or provide a new warehouse or a combination of both.

why choose Plumville Company

In Plumville Company we reach our clients around the globe from a primary source
In Plumville Company we update our clients and their destination in real time of every step we take in sending their packages
Because of our company capacity and our determination to serve you better, transportation and freight process are like mare formalities